The Beaches of Faliraki

What Faliraki is most know for!

The Beaches

The Beaches of Faliraki

Faliraki has become a worldwide famous holiday destination mainly due to its wonderful beaches. Ten beaches in total offer unique delights to visitors, proposing something for every taste. Explore the famous golden sand at Faliraki main beach, the dreamy Anthony Quinn bay as well as the beautiful pebbled beach of Traganou, swim at the peaceful Ladiko beach, the picturesque Kathara bay, the nudist beach Mantomata or last, but not least, the four adorable rocky bays around the majestic Kallithea springs. We are here to help you organize the trip of your dreams!

Kallithea Springs

The Kallithea Springs are located in the gulf of Kallithea, just 9 kilometers from the City of Rhodes. The healing springs of Kallithea have been known since ancient times for their healing properties. In 1927, at the initiative of the Italian Governor of the Dodecanese, Mario Lago, it began a systematic analysis of the water resources of Kallithea while constructing the relevant facilities. The work was commissioned by architect Pietro Lombardi, whose designs were judged to be the finest architectural compositions of the time. The springs of Kallithea gained a high reputation and their facilities remained active until 1967.

Anthony Quinn Bay

On the eastern coast near Faliraki lies the Anthony Quinn Bay. Surrounded by deep-seated rock formations, the water is emerald green. With lush vegetation and palm trees on the shore, it is an ideal vacation spot for a young person’s get-away. The climb and the shore are filled with sharp rocks. This makes the bay dangerous for small children, disabled, or elderly people. However, every season, able-bodied people flock to the bay for fun in the sun.

Anthony Quinn Bay is a beautiful beach that hundreds of tourists visit yearly. As the waters and land are very rocky, snorkeling is the favorite activity of vacationers. People enjoy sunbathing in the open bay, viewing the crystal clear waters.

Ladiko Beach

The word Ladiko translated in Greek is the container used for storing or storing olive oil. The beautiful beach got its name because it was a commercial loading and unloading point for olive oil. Local fishermen have found several clay containers from shipwrecks around Ladiko is located next to the world-famous Anthony Quinn Bay. Surrounded by the picturesque bay of Ladiko, the beach is now very popular and is a part of several daily excursions by boat. 

Faliraki Beach

The central beach of Faliraki is where tourism in Rhodes started. A golden sandy beach with 5klms of shoreline full of blue flags, clean and organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. Crystal clear waters, with plenty of available activities for every type of traveler. The central beach of Faliraki is the hotspot you must not miss when travelling to Rhodes. 

Traganou Beach

Traganou is the only beach in Faliraki that has no sand. Small pebbles cover it’s shore line instead. The imposing caves on the beach served the inhabitants before the advent of tourism for a unique purpose. They built small salt warehouses. The natural configuration of the area resulted in the creation of the famous salt marshes which are the continuation of the beach where locals collected large quantities of salt. The high salt content in the water makes the fish and seafood flavored in the area particularly tasty. If sandy beaches are not your style, Traganou beach will fascinate you. 

Kathara Beach

The picturesque beach of Kathara is of it’s own interest. Rocks emerge from the water and the coastline has the shape of a small harbor. There, small fishermen boats find refuge as the rocks surrounding the beach act as breakwaters making the sea. 

Kathara” in Greek means “Clean” . The beach was named after its water purity because, although a small bay, by a mysterious way the currents of the sea circulate and recycle the water making it always clean. 

On the left side of the beach stands the harbor of Faliraki, which functions as a fishing haven where all the fishing boats moved leaving the beach free for visitors. A beach perfect for children, as the calm waters and controlled environment allow you to enjoy your relaxation and sunbathing. 

Mandomata Nudist Beach

Mandomata nudist beach is a very beautiful and special beach in Faliraki! It is located between Kathara beach and the bay of Anthony Quinn and has a unique history. Due to its hidden location, away from prying eyes, it became an attraction for nudists. Due to its water purity and and silky sand, Mandomata is on of the most famous nudist beaches in the world. 

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