Kallithea Springs

One of the most beautiful and iconic landmarks in Rhodes. A place you must visit.


Kalithea Springs

For a lifetime experience

Kallithea counts four little gem beaches in its ranks, accessible to visitors. In front of the impressive Thermal Spa site you will find the main beach, organized with sunbeds and shades, surrounded by uniquely beautiful natural rocks which make the scenery, combined with the Italian architecture of the monument, truly breathtaking. An idyllic location, which is also accessible by boat, gives the impression that it is the set for an aristocratic movie straight off Roman history. Around the monument and at the feet of the pine forest there are three more beaches, equally stunning. Small family run businesses have given their names to the beaches: Tasos beach, Nikos beach and Oasis beach; they are all organized with sunbeds and canteens and offer different kinds of beach experiences. There are also many spots in the area, with limited access, which are ideal for diving or swimming far from the crowds.

For a lifetime experience

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The Kallithea Springs are located in the gulf of Kallithea, just 9
kilometers from the City of Rhodes.
The healing springs of Kallithea have been known since ancient
times for their healing properties. In 1927, at the initiative of the
Italian Governor of the Dodecanese, Mario Lago, it began a
systematic analysis of the water resources of Kallithea while
constructing the relevant facilities. The work was commissioned by
architect Pietro Lombardi, whose designs were judged to be the
finest architectural compositions of the time. The springs of
Kallithea gained a high reputation and their facilities remained
active until 1967.

Completely restored and tastefully refurbished as of July 1 2007,
the Kallithea Springs complex has once again opened its doors to
the public, welcoming all visitors to their remodeled spaces in a
magnificent location on the sea.
The unique architectural style and grandeur of the entire
environment, with its pebbled mosaic floors, the Rotonda Hall, the
Perivolos, the impressive patio and the staircase at the entrance,
compose a nostalgic backdrop, reminiscent of old cinema and
cinema. Shooting in many movie scenes in Greece and around the
The picturesque beach with crystal clear waters is home to
hundreds of visitors each day, while the seafront, known for its
beauty and unique variety, is a attraction for various organized
divers to come and admire it. The historic café in the picturesque

harbor – completely renovated – welcomes its customers all day

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