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For a lifetime experience

Greek cuisine is one of the main reasons Greece has become one of the leading holiday destinations in the whole world. With the excellent nutritious ingredients, it offers millions of different recipes for seafood lovers, meat afficionados, even vegetarian and vegan choices. 

That’s why it has been rated among the best cuisines of international gastronomy. In Faliraki there are 114 registered culinary businesses. Based on Greek cuisine, most of these restaurants offer tastes and fragrances from all around the country.
There are many Greek traditional restaurants with classic dishes from the local gastronomical tradition that will amaze your palates. Here you will also find a lot of creative restaurants showcasing the contemporary version of Greek gastronomy.

Seafood at its best

Seafood options and fresh fish can be found in most of the local restaurants, as fresh fish and Faliraki usually go together. Street food restaurants serving burgers and all kinds of snacks, as well as the famous Greek souvlaki and gyros will present you the Greek version of street food. Coffee places and pastry shops complete the dining scene offering traditional Greek pies, desserts and various savory or sweet snacks that you will love. Prices are competitive and tailored to all budgets. Wherever you are in Faliraki, wherever you hop off the bus, you will definitely find one of the amazing restaurants, most of which are family run businesses. Faliraki restaurants are family-friendly and many also include playgrounds for safe activities so that you can enjoy your dinner while you children play nearby.