Traganou Beach

A unique beach part of the Faliraki experience.


Traganou Beach

A beautiful beach with caves

Traganou beach is very different from the other beaches of Faliraki. It is the only beach in Faliraki where there is no sand at all – instead, it is filled with small round black and white pebbles. The imposing caves, before the wave of tourism, were used by the locals in a very specific way: they are ideal for collecting sea salt. The natural shape of the area created small salt reserves, which are next to the beach and there the locals collected their precious salt crystals, which they then sold.

A unique landmark

The crystalline salt was valued as the white gold of the time and it was one of the products with great commercial worth, offering wealth to the area inhabitants. The extreme saltiness of the sea in the area will definitely give you a taste of the above. The high salinity of fish and seafood caught in the area make them especially tasty. If sandy is not your favorite beach style, Traganou beach will definitely take your breath away.

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