Kathara Beach

A quite beach, perfect for spending time with your family.


Kathara Beach

The perfect beach for you and your children

The picturesque Kathara beach has an interesting story of its own. It is a little bay with scattered rocks around, in the shape of a natural port. The small boats of the local fishermen used to moor there when the weather was bad as the rocks operated as breakwater and the bay was always calm. The word ‘Kathara’ means clean. The water here is really clean, despite the beach’s small size because the currents are strong and the water is always fresh.
Later, next to the beach the small marina of Faliraki was built and the fishing boats were moved there; Kathara beach is now available for swimmers and sunbathers to indulge in its peaceful crystal clear water. A visit in this small beach, which is ideal for families with children, will convince you.


Kathara beach is fully equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. Average cost per sunbed is € 5. Access to the beach is fairly easy as it is just 300 metres from Faliraki beach, where all buses stop.
Restaurants and super markets are situated right next to the beach and will cover your every need. There are no water sports facilities here so you can enjoy a quiet peaceful day, swimming and lying under the warm Mediterranean sun.

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