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Rent a Boat in Faliraki

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I wish I was on that boat…”

I’d give anything to be on such a yacht and explore hidden beaches…”

How lucky are those people on the yacht…”

These are some of our usual reactions seeing yachts sailing the endless blue sea. How many times have you made similar thoughts upon watching a yacht sliding gracefully in a port or at open sea?

We have carefully selected for you the best companies offering yacht charters in competitive prices. Discover your options and live an unforgettable experience: luxury yachts, speedboats, small or large sailing boats, yachts with crew and many more!


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All companies are complied with all legal requirements and safety rules for a safe trip. GPS, communication systems, lifeboats are always included. Rhodes is an island with a lot of foreign visitors and demand for constant marine protection is high. The Greek state and the local Harbour Master make sure marine transport on the island is one of the safest in Europe.