Ladiko Beach

A picturesque landmark you shouldn’t miss when visting Rhodes.


Ladiko Bay

A unique destination

‘Ladiko’ is a little jar used for oil in Greek households. The beautiful Ladiko beach took this name because it used to be the place for loading and unloading olive oil. The cargo boats of the time used this spot as a commercial trade station with the local olive oil producers when they loaded their cargo for Egypt or the Middle East. The local fishermen have discovered around the area many clay pots from old shipwrecks trading in the area. It is located right behind Anthony Quinn bay and it is surrounded by caves. The scenic Ladiko bay is now a busy little beach where many boat trips stop for a dive in its clear water, and many diving activities are offered.
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Crystal Clear Water

The word Ladiko translated in Greek is the container used for storing or storing olive oil. The beautiful beach got its name because it was a commercial loading and unloading point for olive oil. Local fishermen have found several clay containers from shipwrecks around Ladiko is located next to the world-famous Anthony Quinn Bay. Surrounded by the picturesque bay of Ladiko, the beach is now very popular and is a part of several daily excursions by boat. 

Ladiko beach does not offer water sport activities but is very attractive to boat trips because of its natural formation. Here sunbeds cost € 5 per person and the restaurant is an ideal stop for lunch, coffee or cocktails. Access to the beach is very easy via bus from Rhodes town at the cost of € 2,4. The bus stop is 500m from the beach.

Photo Gallery of Ladiko Beach