Anthony Quinn Bay

One of the most beautiful and iconic landmarks in Rhodes. A place you must visit.


Anthony Quinn

Crystal clear waters.

On the eastern coast near Faliraki lies the Anthony Quinn Bay. Surrounded by deep-seated rock formations, the water is emerald green. With lush vegetation and  trees on the shore, it is an ideal vacation spot for a young person’s get-away. . Every season,  peoples flock to the bay for fun in the sun.

Anthony Quinn Bay is a beautiful beach that thousands of tourists visit yearly. As the waters and land are very rocky, chill out is the favorite activity of vacationers. People enjoy sunbathing in the open bay, viewing the crystal clear waters.

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Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn, 1915 – 2001, was an American actor born in Mexico. He died in Boston, Ma after a long career in the film and writing industry. His best-known role was Zorba the Greek. A 1964 film about the adventures of Zorba and a British-Greek writer.

The Guns of Navarone was a popular film with the release date in 1961. The movie was a war adventure about a well-known battle in World War 2. Quinn portrayed Colonel Andrea Stavrou. Some iconic scenes were filmed at this bay. Quinn wanted to buy the luxurious bay. He wanted an oasis for artists to come and enjoy the breathtaking views. But, controversy ensued on the purchase as well as international relations between Quinn, his widow, and the Greek government.

The truth is that the names of most of the beautiful beaches of Greece conceal some fact that led the local community to give a special name to each of them.
Even if today may have forgotten their origins their names over the years have remained unchanged. In order to discover the reason and the fact that the name was given you must speak with elderly local residents and with them try to complement their memories as a puzzle to make a conclusion.
Here we can not include the beach of Anthony in Rhodes as the name was given to cinematographic which means that the beach was named after the famous actor Anthony Quinn. Moreover, the MEDIA of the time wrote and commented a lot describing the events that led to this name. The story begins in 1960 on the way back of the film “The Cannons of the NAVARONE “, where Anthony Quinn was starring.
Some of the scenes took place in a cove which is located 15km from the center of Rhodes and only 3 kilometres from Faliraki. It is a beach with pebbles, pines and turquoise waters. By then the name of the beach was Vagies. The actor was fascinated by the beauty of the landscape and wanted to buy the place to create a resting place for actors . In his initiative he found the Greek state as a helper. He was given the place with a symbolic price for the time, recognizing the contribution to promote Greece. It is true that Anthony Quinn has helped tremendously to highlight the beauty of our country through his films “the cannons of NAVARONE “ with Alexis Zorbas in Michalis Kakogiannis film and also incarnated the Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis.
The beach with its name will always remind of his passage from our island and how much he was loved by the residents. Besides, Rhodes has only pleasant memories to remember about him!
Anthony Quinn is an organized beach and sunbeds here also cost € 5 per person. Sea bikes and kayaking are the only water sports available here. Enjoy the dreamy location of this small bay and watch the luxury yachts sail by. The restaurant serves Greek culinary delights, refreshing cocktails, coffee and drinks. Access to the bay by bus costs € 2,4 per person and the bus stop is located 800 m. from the beach. If you are on a bike or with a car, there is a free open parking available.

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