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Hotels in Faliraki

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Faliraki is the most organized area on the island of Rhodes, in terms of accommodation. There are more than 210 tourism businesses offering accommodation facilities. The area has the capacity of 40,000 visitors per day! There are 8 ultra-luxury 5* hotels with the capacity of around 9,500 visitors.
The hotels offer truly extraordinary services. With amazing views over the Aegean sea and the golden sand of Faliraki beach, staying here will definitely satisfy all your wishes.
There are also 19 4* hotels, with the capacity of 16,500 visitors, which could easily be graded as 5*, as they are offering more luxury and quality than your typical 4* hotel. There are restaurants of all kinds and cuisine types, many different cultural events to choose from, gyms and spas with a view to the endless Aegean blue and most of them in very competitive prices.
You will also find 195 accommodation units such as 3* hotels, apartments, suites, houses, and luxury villas with the total capacity of around 14,000 visitors.

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All the properties for rent at Faliraki are easily accessible with public transport is on 24/7. Also, many properties offer transfer services, making your choice easier!