The Top 10 restaurants of 2020 according to YOU!

The Top 10 restaurants of 2020 according to YOU!

This unusual summer period of 2020, which was at the same time a historical period, since for the first time in the history of the planet, all holiday and leisure travel was conducted amidst a worldwide pandemic, Faliraki was again ranked at the top of the tourist pyramid of Greece. The number of visitors that chose our region for their vacations was once more the biggest throughout Greece, in proportion to the region size. Even though only one third of our accommodations were open due to the pandemic, figures were more than positive in terms of occupancy of the accommodations that were operating.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the decisions made regarding the implementation of hygiene protocols, which were strictly met in our region by all businesses, also had positive results. Even though visitors were fewer compared to the numbers of previous years, the need for the Mediterranean sun and air led visitors to explore local markets more. Testimonies by suppliers declare that the small and very small businesses of Faliraki moved to much better levels than during other “normal” seasons, which confirms the above., as the official website of the region, demonstrated integrity and respect in all sectors. Always based on true and proven facts, it provided visitors with all necessary information. We sincerely answered more than 10,000 messages from our visitors, we defended all kinds of false news and malicious reviews, and we informed all visitors how all local businesses dealt with the pandemic with strict protocols and measures.

Food services held a special position in the messages we received. Greek gastronomy is now one of the main reasons why one chooses to come to Greece for holiday. Faliraki has always had top quality restaurants offering gastronomic delights based on Greek traditional cuisine as well as international choices. Our restaurants have historically been one of the main reasons for the development of the region’s tourism since the ‘60s and ‘70s, when there were no advertising means (social media, internet, etc). Our visitors, who became “repeaters” due to their continuous visits on an annual basis, promoted tourism “by word of mouth” transferring their vacation experience to acquaintances and friends. Based on the raving reviews we got this year from our visitors, we believe that next year many more will choose to spend their holiday at Faliraki in part thanks to the top class restaurants of the region.

Find below the 10 top restaurants, as you selected them, based on visits to their profiles in our website and on the reviews left by those who visited them.

Dimitra Restaurant. The family-owned business Dimitra restaurant in the center of Faliraki offered, as it has been doing for many years, unique recipes based on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, with exceptional tastes and flavors; combined with the magnificent view to the Katergo rocky islet and the monastery of Agii Apostoli at the port of Faliraki, this restaurant stood out in your preferences.

Top comment:

Carol: “This family is in this world in order to give meaning to each dish”.

Galazio Restaurant & Beach Bar. One of the oldest restaurants of the island right on the beachfront, which dates back to 1965 and is located at the center of Faliraki golden sand bay with a majestic view to the endless blue. With its Greek creative cuisine, it lavishly offered traditional recipes in modern versions, with a distinctive sea flavor, perfectly paired with cooling cocktails and exceptional service.

Top comment:

Catalin: “If summer, taste, relaxation and carelessness were colors, they would definitely be Galazio (blue)”.

RISE Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. A magical environment combining a unique gastronomical experience and the explosive flavors of cocktails that add meaning to your dinner. A modern space that serves multiple needs of visitors.

Top comment:

James: “Steak, Cocktail and Pepito (Manolis), the absolute combination RISEEEEEEUPPPP”

La Esquina. A Restaurant-Bar that stole this year’s impressions. The chef’s tasteful inspirations made LaEsquina one of the restaurants with the largest attendance in Rhodes. The decoration, the friendly environment, the music and the unique cocktails combined with its tasteful delights placed it in the first choices of visitors.

Top comment:

Roza: “Delicious dinner in the light of the stars, the sound of water on the walls and a cocktail at hand… What else can one ask for???”

Trilogia. A Greek restaurant with island architecture, with respect to the traditional tastes, lavishly offering local delicacies to all its visitors. Appetizers, wine and Greek music constitute the trilogy of Greece in the food service and this is why you chose it within the top 10 restaurants.

Top comment:

Renate: “If Greece was wine, it would be called Lefteris; if it was music, it would be called Margarita; and if it was food, it would be called Trilogia”.

Ladiko Restaurant. In the turquoise bay of Ladiko, we encounter the restaurant with the same name. The sea is present in each of its flavors and this family-owned business has been offering unique emotions to its visitors for years. With its amazing view, it combines swimming, summer carefree feelings and delicious dishes.

Top comment:

Peter: “Paradise was probably here”.

Taverna Traganou. On the pebbles of Traganou beach, we encounter a small tavern that has stolen the hearts of many people during the last years. Known for its seafood appetizers and its family environment, here you can enjoy your chilled ouzo, a flavor of anise that will follow you forever.

Top comment:

Herman: “Squid, octopus and ouzo were probably the food of the gods of Greece”.

Desert Rose. A restaurant at the heart of Faliraki, where you can find Mediterranean and Greek recipes, prepared with passion and love. The family environment and the aura of the space will fill your day with a positive mood.

Top comment:

Annete: “Tastiness and Greek hospitality in the same place”.

Golden wok. A Chinese restaurant that you really loved. It was not only Greek cuisine that stood out this year at Faliraki, but international and ethnic flavors, too, one of which was Golden wok’s Chinese cuisine. Traditional Chinese delicacies filled your nights with unique tasty experiences.

Top comment:

David: “Why search in China? Try Golden wok Faliraki”.

Bistro Italiano. Another international cuisine restaurant that you included in the Top 10 choices. Bistro Italiano is a brand new beautiful space that shares with you the magic of Italian cuisine with high standards. Pizza, pasta and bruschetta filled the “luggage” of visitors with tasty memories after their trip.

Top comment:

Alberto: “The best Italian restaurant outside Italy. Bravissimo!”

These are the top ten restaurants you selected for summer 2020.

It is worth noting that all our restaurants received positive reviews and huge traffic in our website. Restaurants such as Falirala eat Greek, Kastri Taverna, Stama Taverna, Acropolis Taverna and others were included in your choices with very high scores.

We are waiting for you this summer to taste with us the delicacies and Greek culture wholeheartedly offered at Faliraki.

Until me meet again……

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