The first restaurants with Braille menus in Faliraki

The first restaurants with Braille menus in Faliraki

In Faliraki, Rhodes, you will find the first restaurants and hotels in Greece offering menus and directories in Braille language

Rhodes is a high-class, quality holiday destination with decades of experience in hospitality and as such always aims to offer the highest level of services to all visitors. Local businesses are always on the lookout for adding new services to guests, respecting local identity and paying homage to the famous Greek hospitality. 

With a high level of social conscience, many local restaurants and bars, as well as 5-star hotels are now printing their menus and directories in Braille language for the visually impaired. You will also find more useful information in Braille such as fire escape directions, room service menus, room numbers as well as guest directories. Now the visually impaired can be even more independent and will not have to ask their friends to read them the menu or any other information about the hotel.

The room numbers and fire escape plans are specially designed to suit 4 types of people: those who can see, those who can partly see, the newly blinded (who do not know Braille language but remember the numbers and letters of the alphabet) and the blind (who can read Braille).

Rhodes, and Faliraki, in particular, aims not only to please but also to help guests make the best out of their holiday, making their life easier, offering top quality services, like an international, high class resort.

You can learn more about Braille menus, and how to make your own menu in Braile at Metaphrasi Translation Office.

Written by: Foteini Moschi.

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