Fish & Faliraki

Fish & Faliraki

Faliraki has a special relationship with fresh fish, because – prior to the advent of tourism – it was an agricultural place and mainly a sea and fishing area.
The main activity of the inhabitants was the fishing.

Through this they provided their families with good food (since the sea in the area was rich in fish population).

Over the years, families of professional fishermen remained active. In the market by bringing much of the fresh fish and seafood to your table through our restaurants.
In the area, a port were built years ago up North.

The port was built as a fishing heaven by the fishermen.

To make sure that their fishing boats were safe and protected from the bad weather!
Thus, from 7 every morning you can visit and see all that we just told you, as every morning the fishermen come out of the sea and they prepare their goods for the seafood market and their customers.
You will have the opportunity to talk with them or even join their crew on a fishing trip*
In the port of the area, you will also find the boats that make daily trips. To the area and from there they load and unload.
A beautiful awesome place that hosts: the monastery of the Holy Apostles where you can even have your wedding!
Sounds like a dream!!!

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