Faliraki, a Covid-free destination

Faliraki, a Covid-free destination

Greece has become a reference point throughout the world for the way the country dealt with the Coronavirus pandemic in spring 2020 with less than 3,000 confirmed cases and only 180 related deaths. For this exact reason, based on demand statistics, Greece is the first and safest choice for holidays in Europe.

Faliraki, in Rhodes, is the biggest resort on the island, which hosts more than a quarter of the visitors of the island every year, and it is already getting ready for this “strange” summer of 2020.

The hoteliers, short term lease and restaurant owners are all strictly following the National Health Organisation regulations and are preparing their premises for welcoming all visitors in safety.

Face masks, alcohol rubs, temperature monitoring, gloves, meticulous cleaning and disinfection are but a few of the measures taken for the safety of everyone, locals and visitors.

The morphology and the size of Faliraki is such that it absolutely justifies the term “covid-free”. The length of the golden beach, which is 6,5 km and the surface area of 340 sq.km offers the opportunity to host a great number of tourists, more than 53,5K that usually visit every summer.

faliraki rhodes
Faliraki Beach in Rhodes

The temperature in Faliraki, which is more than 30◦ Celsius throughout the most of the summer, combined with the humidity levels, seems like the ideal place for the elimination of the virus, according to worldwide studies for the virus’ endurability in high temperatures.

A major plus is that Faliraki is just  6 and 12 km away from the main island hospitals. The island has two hospitals, one state funded and one private, which suffice for the needs of locals as well as the more than 190,000 tourists that visit the island every week. The experienced health professionals, doctors and medical staff, accredited in Greece and abroad, are always on their feet to help patients and offer the feeling of safety we all need these days.

State-of the art equipment, low pressure rooms and intensive care units are always disposable in order to treat all kinds of issues.

Choose Faliraki for your holiday this year and let its cool aura take you safely to carefreeness and relaxation!

  • Sandra Leslie

    Sandra Leslie

    June 20, 2020

    Hoping we can safely visit in September ?

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