Church of St. Nektarios

Agios Nektarios

St. Nektarios

Church of St. Nektarios

The temple is named after Saint Nectarius or Nektarios Pentapolis or Nektarios Aeginis (1 October 1846 – 9 November 1920) is a contemporary Saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church. His worldwide name was Anastasios Kefalas and he was a popular hierarch, pastor, and educator in the late 19th to early 20th century. Saint Nectarios is also a miracle worker because he is believed to perform miracles while he was still alive. Both the church and the belfry were founded in 1967 under the chairmanship of the ecclesiastical committee of the Kalyths of the blessed priest Vassilios Filippakis and Archbishop Spyridon Synodinou. On 9-11-1980, the inauguration of the completion of the work by Metropolitan Spyridon Synodinos was completed. The supervision of the works was undertaken by the civil engineer George Kyriakakis, while the contractor Michalis Tsimetas from Kremasti carried out the work.
St Nektarios is the largest church in Faliraki.

A magnificent church

Archive image. Building the temple exterior.
The presidents of the ecclesiastical committee of the Sacred Transfiguration of Kalithia, the priests, the ecclesiastics, as well as the venerable inhabitants of Kalythia and Faliraki played an important role in the completion of the building. The first priest of the church was appointed Vagian Vakianos Kakios in 1974 and remained in that position until 2007. The bell tower is located in New Southwest. side of the temple in the courtyard area and joins the church with a covered corridor. It is made entirely of reinforced concrete lined with “Finta” stone, as is the temple. It is a tower-like structure with arched openings at the height of the bells. The roof is covered with decorative tiles and a cross rests on the top. The total height of the belfry is 19 meters and has four electric bells.

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