St George’s Stalactite Cave

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St. George’s Stalactite Cave

The first human inhabitat area

The Cave of St George can be found in the slopes of mount “Psalidi” near Kalithies village, located around 2klm. from Faliraki. At the mountain foot you will find the picturesque chapel of St George, with easy access from the main road. From the chapel you can easily see the cave mouth. The climb to the cave is around 15-20 minutes and it is a pleasant, medium difficulty trekking route. The cave is filled with stalactites and the archaeological findings in the area show that it was inhabited since the Neolithic age. There is a triangle-shape construction, typical of the era and the scientific research called the cave one of the oldest known Neolithic age residences.

Stalactites in St George Cave
Triangle-shaped construction from the Neolithic Age

A unique landmark

Legends say that the giants living in this area were 40 “piches” high (old measuring term, which equals about 26 metres) and protected the cave where the Gods hid their elixir of life, which was dripping from the ceiling. Exploring the cave is a unique experience ideal for lovers of hiking and nature. 

Photo Gallery of St George Stalactite Cave