Panagia Eleousa

A monastery from another time.


Panagia Eleousa

This monastery is located around 15klm. From Rhodes town, to the west of Kalithies village and it is devoted to Virgin Mary the Merciful. The church is single-naved and has a slanted tiled roof. The wooden, carved altarpiece is still intact as well as some parts of the old frescoes dated back to 1781. A high bell tower imposes over the church with manual tolling bell and arched base.
Interior of the Monastery
Monastery Exterior

The monastery is rich in history – it was built circa 1710 – 1730 according to documents. The icon with the inscription “VIRGIN MARY THE MERCIFUL, OF KALITHIES” bears in tiny script on its base the inscription “IN MEMORIA OF YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT NEOPHYTOS”. According to father Michael Koutsonouris, Neophytos was a monk from Symi and he was the one who painted the frescoes on the monastery walls. There is another inscription attesting to this, also bearing a date: 1791. According to the church committee’s records, in 1791 some restoration
works took place so it is possible that the church had been built decades earlier.
The nun Agathoniki is also buried in the monastery courtyard, having taken care of it for many decades. She was the soul of this small church.
Every year, on August 11, the congregation comes together in the Holy monastery of Virgin Mary the Merciful. The church is inside the courtyard of an old military camp. A few years ago the military stopped using the camp and now the church is again open for the public. Our website aims to promote its major religious and cultural value.

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