Friends of Faliraki and the island of Rhodes, we welcome you again this year at our resort.

Last year you trusted us to find out the truths about everything that was happening on the island, as is not a multinational company but an association of businessmen and residents who with love protect and highlight their area, which for many years has been one of Greece’s largest tourist resorts.

Unfortunately, this summer, too, we are being forced to spend our holidays in pandemic conditions. So, we also consider it our duty this year to inform you of the real conditions on our island.

First, let us inform you that when the maps of the ECDC and the statistics are talking about the Regional Unity (RU) of Rhodes (as is the case throughout Europe), they do not refer to the island of Rhodes exclusively… but to a complex of islands belonging to the RU of Rhodes, including Chalki, Tilos, Megisti(Kastellorizo) and Symi. The purpose of this statement is to understand that the cases and the ECDC reports in general concern 5 islands and not exclusively Rhodes.

Rhodes is at a satisfactory level, concerning the epidemiological map (orange) which of course, does not include the 200,000 visitors who are currently on the island (as is the case throughout Europe).

From the above, authentic analysis, it results in a low indicator of positivity of the island.

Regarding the map that reflects the vaccination coverage of the island, Rhodes is at the highest levels, with a percentage of over 70% vaccinated with a constant daily flow of vaccinations.

Rhodes RU is also found on the ECDC maps in deep green, in the percentages of tests performed.

In fact, our island has very low epidemiological standards, the highest vaccination rates in Greece, low positivity indicator and a high control rate.

The above synoptic analysis is made so, any of you that have planned your holidays on our island, to not get mislead.

Rhodes remains sanitary safe.

The purpose of the promotion of the topic by is the protection of small and micro businesses in our region and the island in general.  

Small and micro businesses:

  • Do not have the overcrowding of the hotels which are mostly enclosed spaces.
  • Have a vaccination rate of more than 95% among their employees.
  • 90% of them are summery open spaces
  • Are subjected to daily checks by the police and the services responsible for the observance of health protocols, unlike large hotel units in which the controls are less frequent.
  • Are the backbone of the economy and the pillars of tourism, as tourism began to exist in Greece.

These are some of the many truths you need to know directly, because the rest, you will acknowledge them while exploring the island during your holidays.

We consider it our duty to inform you because, in the service of various interests, it is likely for you to receive a lot of misinformation from tour operators and travel agencies, that will urge you in the name of the pandemic to remain trapped in your hotels, WITHOUT ANY SANITARY REASON, but simply for the purpose of financial interests.

Our information indicates that this campaign, by those involved, has already begun and should find you fully informed.

Explore the place you chose to visit, get out of the closure of the premises, and go out on our streets, meet the people of Greece, who are famous for their hospitality. Get to know our history and culture, which for sure is not located in your hotel.

Our hotels will provide you with multiple and high-quality amenities in very good prices, to enjoy the time of your stay, sleep, and relaxation, which is required after the exploration of our island.

The residents and businessmen of Faliraki and the rest of Rhodes, thank you for trusting us for your holidays, as your parents and grandparents did.

We wish you a pleasant stay on our beautiful island.

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