The Prime Minister of Greece , announced opening of  tourism  on  the 15th of May

The Prime Minister of Greece , announced opening of tourism on the 15th of May

Today, after the speech of the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, it was officially announced the opening of tourism with the well-known Greek security. The Minister of Tourism, Haris Theoharis, in the interview details the facts , which you can read down below.

The plan of the Greek government for a safe opening of the 2021 tourism was presented by the minister of tourism, Haris Theoharis, in an interview in account of the nationwide Touristic exhibition ITB Berlin. He specified that  the date of the official  touristic season of the 2021 in Greece will begin on the 15th of May, while he announced the main motto of the new promoting campaign for Greek tourism, the << All you want is Greece>> , which aims in the reassurance of your safety during your Greek holidays .

The minister of tourism directs attention that with the faithful application of the health protocols the Greek touristic season will open on the 14th of May. Until then, the restrictions will be gradually reduced. The Greek government has already put into place,  a pilot operation of the measures in the first phase with visitors from E.U. countries as well as from other countries where the vaccinations have progressed. Mr. Theocharis referred briefly to the basic health protocols that will be applied upon arrival, clarifying that in the country will be allowed to enter travellers who will either be vaccinated, have the immunity due to recovery, or will have been found negative in a recent Covid-19 test. All tourists may be chosen to  random tests without the 24-hour wait as in 2020. Any service aimed at protecting the health of tourists, professionals , and citizens , will be covered free of charge by the Greek government. There is a continuous support and development to the structures of the national health system in all destinations throughout Greece.  Priority in vaccination is given to people who are involved in the provision of touristic services and vulnerable groups of the Greek population. The ministry of tourism, in collaboration with the nation’s agencies and organisations, but also with the private sector, created specialized protocols for each activity and trained thousands of employees.

Greece accepted 6 million visitors in 2020 that enjoyed the unique experience of holidays in the country, while remaining completely safe. The ministry of tourism is committed to offer and guarantee that every tourist who chooses our country in 2021 will be completely safe hence, << All you want is Greece>>.

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